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1 FORMAT APP [ENGLISH] em Qua Ago 05, 2015 11:45 am

General information

- What is your real name?
- What is your age? :
- Gender (Male / Female):
- What languages ​​do you speak:
- Do you have mic:

Contact information

- Do you have xfire:?
- Do you have Skype:?
- Do you use mumble:
- Do you have Facebook (OPTIONAL):

Game information
- What is your nickname:
- You are / already been banned from the Anti-Cheater? If so explain why.:
- Enter here list of nicknames you've ever used:
- How many hours do you play per day:
- How long you play SA-MP:?
- How long have you play A/D:?
- Enter here list of recognized clans you've ever attended:
- Explain why you left them, and how long did you stay in them:
- Which server you usually play:
- You've used cheaters:
- What are the settings on your computer:
- What mods do you use in the game:
- What other games you play:
- Do you have any wisdom about scripting SA-MP:?
- Do you have an account on Youtube? Post here!:
- Any related to SA-MP video which demonstrates their in-game skills and wants to show us:

Killers Wars

- Why do you want to enter the clan? :
- How you met the clan:
- Someone invited him to make application in the clan:
- Will you be active on the forum:
- Do you consider yourself a communicative person and easy to understand orders when necessary:

Information Skills

- Favourite Weapons:

- Respond 0-10:

* Experience in SA-MP:
* Experience in A / D:
* Teamwork:
* C-bug Skills:
* Desert Eagle:
* Spas-12:
* M4:
* Sniper:
* Pump Shotgun:

Ver perfil do usuário http://kw-clan.directorioforuns.com

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